Metabolism, Diet, and Disease Conference update and a job posting


I promised in my last post — yes, far too long ago — that I would give an update on the Metabolism, Diet and Disease Conference, which was held at the end of May in Washington, DC. As the months passed, I was waiting to hear from the organizers that they had posted a video of the panel discussion that ended the conference, and now, as of a few days ago, they have.

The conference itself was rather remarkable. The idea was to bring together from all disciplines researchers working on the various pathologies associated with insulin resistance. It was organized by the editors of BioMed Central, who had come upon the idea after reading The Diet Delusion, which is the British edition of Good Calories, Bad Calories. I was enlisted to help organize and suggest and recruit speakers and executive committee members. The conference also provided the opportunity  to get researchers who had worked on carb-restricted diets — Eric Westman and Jeff Volek, in particular — presenting in a non-nutrition venue to researchers who might otherwise never take their work seriously or at least never imagine that it had relevance to their research in insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia and the related pathologies. Eugene Fine was also there with a poster on his just published pilot study on ketogenic diets and cancer —  ”Targeting insulin inhibition as a metabolic therapy in advanced cancer: A pilot safety and feasibility dietary trial in 10 patients.”

What I found most fascinating about the conference was how beliefs shifted over the course of the three day event, from unconditional faith in the conventional wisdom to openness and scientific curiosity about the kinds of alternative hypotheses put forward by myself and others.  On the first day of the conference I was having arguments/discussions with researchers about the laws of thermodynamics and how they apply to obesity (or don’t, as I believe) only to find myself sitting with them on a panel on day three as they agreed that the role of refined grains and sugars in cancer and cancer therapy had to be taken seriously.

With that, I highly recommend reading the BioMed Central blog post on the last day’s panel discussion and then watching the video of the discussion itself to see how it played out. You can see for yourself how beliefs and opinions had shifted so that the outcome of the panel discussion was probably something that few of the researchers going in would have ever imagined. I’m not optimistic enough to think that this is a long term change in thinking, or at least not without other factors, experiments and influential researchers keeping the momentum up — and, of course, the science has to turn out to be right or at least mostly right. But it certainly gave me hope that the kinds of issues we’ve been raising again and again outside the research community will soon be addressed critically (i.e., not in a knee-jerk, dismissive manner)  by researchers within the community.

This brings up item number two in this post, and here I’m going to be cribbing considerably  from what Peter Attia recently posted on his blog — . This is our update on NuSI, the Nutrition Science Initiative, and a job we’re hoping to fill in the near future.

As we’ve both alluded to in previous posts, Peter and I founded NuSI earlier this year. Peter is the president and I’m, well, the co-founder. (We rejected “provocateur-in-residence” on the basis that it only captured part of what I do and didn’t quite work officially for an organization that we, and the foundation supporting us, and the scientists with whom we’re working, all take very, very seriously.) NuSi is a non-profit organization with the mission of reducing the economic and social cost of obesity and its related chronic diseases. We hope to achieve this by facilitating and funding the kind of rigorous, meticulously well-controlled and targeted experimental research that has been conspicuously lacking in nutrition research for the half past century.

We’ll say much more about this when we formally and publicly launch NuSI in early September. The ultimate goal is to create what would ideally become a kind of Manhattan Project of Nutrition: a concerted, directed, well-funded research effort composed of the best scientists in the field — all independent and suitably skeptical — working together to generate the evidence necessary to put to rest, one way or the other, all the major and many of the minor controversies in nutrition research. Peter and I have already enlisted  some of the researchers we’d like to get involved, and we’ve spoken to others about possible experiments that might be done in the future. Our hope is that regardless of any initial biases, the evidence generated in these experiments (and replicated in further experiments) will be suitably unambiguous that in, say, 15 years we’ll have little  left to argue about. And if the evidence still leaves room for argument and controversy, then we’ll do more experiments until it doesn’t.

The best part, as Peter has pointed out, is that all this should be doable for less than the cost of developing just one drug in the United States.

Peter and I have been working obsessively to build a world-class team at NuSI, including our Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board, Board of Advisors, scientific consortium, and full-time staff.  We can’t wait until we can formally introduce you to our team and collaborators.

We have already hired several positions within NuSI through standard recruiting channels and referrals, but there is one position, in particular, Peter and I thought would be worth bringing directly to the attention of our readers – our Research Associate. We’ve already received a few dozen tremendous applications from individuals with great credentials, but we’re wondering if one critical attribute may be missing or under-represented in our applicants so far. Beyond the tangible skills necessary for this particular role – outlined in the downloadable job posting (below) – this role requires an almost maniacal obsession with nutrition science and a passion for answering the kinds of questions we’ve all been debating in print and in our blogs.  We think there’s a reasonable chance that our future Research Associate is one of you out there reading this right now.

For the full list of job responsibilities and requirements, please download the job posting, which also explains exactly how to apply.  Please do not send any of the application materials to me or Peter directly. You can consider this the first test of the ability to follow simple instructions.

This position should prove to be both extremely challenging and highly rewarding.  We think that we have the opportunity with this organization to change the world, and that the odds are pretty good that we can pull it off. Such opportunities don’t come along frequently in life. And as I said, we’ve already enlisted some of the best scientists in nutrition and obesity research to design and conduct the studies we’ll be funding; you’ll get the opportunity to support them day in and day out.

One very important disclosure: This role will make the proverbial “drinking from a fire hose” seem manageable.  We consider this role (as we do our own)  more of a calling than a job.  If you’re interested, if you feel you meet the necessary requirements, and if we haven’t scared you off yet, please consider applying for this position.

Thank you, and we’re looking forward to sharing the progress of NuSI with all of you.



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  1. John Myers says:

    Thanks for the update, Gary. This all sounds encouraging.
    I keep trying to imagine a way forward for our country with the way medical costs keep spiraling out of control. I’m glad you’re in the fight.

  2. Nikhil Hogan says:

    Very exciting news! So interested to hear what comes of it.

  3. Marsha says:

    I’m somewhere between cautiously and hugely encouraged. Now to present this to some critical thinker in the State of Oregon’s “Healthy P(ublic) H(ealth) D(ivision)” in time for them to silence their current Weight Watchers-influenced low fat proposed restrictions on food for state-subsidized meetings. There is hope – some are aware.

  4. David Brown says:

    Hi Gary,
    The almost maniacal part fits me. My wife would affirm that. No credentials, though, so I won’t apply. Besides, I’m having too much fun here in Montana with my extreme gardening experiments.

    To be successful, the NuSI project may need to deal with the corporate influence that has long controlled various aspects of academic instruction, media messages regarding nutrition, and political policy. I’m talking about the International Food Information Council Foundation (IFICF).

  5. Julie says:

    How exciting to be in on the ground floor of such an historical event. I am so proud of all those involved. Thank you for all you do.

  6. Cindy H in Texas says:

    This job opening has Denise Minger’s name written all over it!

    Research Associate – this role requires an almost maniacal obsession with nutrition science and a passion for answering the kinds of questions we’ve all been debating in print and in our blogs.

  7. Cindy H in Texas says:

    Put up a paypal button so we can help fund this research!!

  8. Tony M says:

    Gary, I apologize for going off topic, but I think you make this blog too hard on yourself. You seem to use it as a alternate means of publishing essays. While that’s always great for your readers, I think most of us have different expectations from a blog. We expect it to be quick comments, notes about an article that appeared somewhere, etc. Take a look at the very lively blogging that goes on among academic economists. (See Economist’s Views for a good daily collection of links.) It’s like listening in on really smart people having a conversation. I think you could take some pressure off yourself and share thoughts and insights through the occasional brief posts. You might enjoy it more.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

  9. Alexandra M says:

    I agree with Cindy H – get Denise Minger ASAP!

    It’s so encouraging to see this.

    How did the presentation in Scottsdale go, when you were to follow Robert “low-carb-research-is-unethical” Eckel?

  10. I find it disheartening to think that a proposed study of this magnitude could from the first moment of conception onward and through to the last moments of decades of findings and study and never once reach out and touch the button that says, “sugar and hybrid carbohydrates” are powerful stimulant drugs like cocaine and amphetamines and having profound effects of our minds and Psyche as well as our bodies.

  11. Good stuff and great to catch up.
    I am thinking that differences in responses to “fattening” carbohydrate could be down to a) thiamine availability b) thiamine “thrifty gene” variations in populations (thin Asians eating polished, unfortified rice, Vs. modern USA where almost every carb is fortified.
    I’ve summarized the evidence here:

  12. Paula says:

    Just watched the video of the panel at the end of the conference. Indeed their minds were changed. They seems stunned and happy! Tolstoy would be impressed!

    Tolstoy: “I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.”

    This entire conference is a great wedge for NuSi. THE wedge. It was great!

    Did they happen to put a video up of GT’s Keynote talk???

    ONE THING MICHAEL POLLAK from McGill is clueless about is — as one can see in his flailing about concerning the impossibility of solving the obesity crisis — is the HUGE AND GROWING ATKINS/PALEO MOVEMENT – LCHF. In connection with WAPF (Lord, we forgive them their sprouted bread), Wheat Belly, Gary’s books, Denise Minger (YES SHE SHOULD BE THE RESEARCH ASST YOU SEEK!!!!), the great blogs out there such as hers, Gary’s, Peter Attia’s, Richard Feinman’s, Dr. Eades’, Hyperlipid’s, Mark Sisson’s, Dr. Volek’s, Dr. Eenfeldt’s, Jimmy Moore’s podcasts… etc. etc. I myself — after reading GT’s books — have “converted” a number of people who, with their new slimness, are walking (and talking) emblems for others; I even converted my daughter — actually going away to school & hearing it from someone besides her parents, converted her! — and she has turned into a fantastic cook and of her own volition vows to raise her kids without sugar/high carbs/soy/hydrogenated oils! What more could one ask?

    Another adjunct (brought up by a nameless questioner in the audience) concerns not just turning out FAR healthier humans, but (sorry to sound like Gaia) turning out a far healthier EARTH, a la Joel Salatin. Watch the documentaries King Corn and its follow up, Big River. Then read Lierre Keith’s Vegetarian Myth. Then watch The World According to Monsanto, a film made by French independent journalist Marie-Monique Robin. This return to a traditional way of eating is accompanied by the return to a traditional Earth.

  13. Robert Taylor says:

    If were into proposing candidates online, the name that immediately springs to my mind is Chris Masterjohn.

  14. ExCarbLvr says:

    I nominate CarbSane for the open position. ;-)

  15. js290 says:

    Laws of Thermodynamics (along with all other Laws of Science) are necessary effects, not causes, of existing in this universe. When one models any system in the real world, all the Laws of Science are boundary conditions (i.e. necessary effects) not initial conditions (i.e. causes).

    My guess is these “researchers” are also trying to magically decouple a coupled system, i.e. eat less, move more. Variables cannot be treated independently in coupled systems because one affects the other(s), hence “coupled.”

    So called “researchers” who do not understand this simply do not understand science, mathematics, or metabolism well enough to be working on the problem in any meaningful way. Hopefully, the team you’re assembling isn’t so confused that they couldn’t pass a undergraduate level differential equations class, much less be working in a scientific setting on someone else’s dime.

    • John says:

      Do they suffer information overload? Do they deep down all kow these things but fail from overstimulus of stacks of studies sitting in a pile in the corner of their offices?

      • ” The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” – Nikola Tesla

        LOTS of deep thinkers out there… not to mention the psycho- & sociopaths that tend to rise to positions of power & influence policy in business and government.

        • I should add that Gary has proven himself to be a very sane, rational and clear thinker, which is why Gary is so despised and dismissed by the psychopathic “deep thinkers” who burn in the spotlight of truths spoken clearly and succintly.

  16. John says:

    People reading this who think Denise Minger should be the Research Assistant need to go to the job posting page. At the bottom, there is the name and email address of the person to submit resumes too and everyone should send that person an email nominating Denise as their RA.

    • Among the activities is definitely an opportunity for guests to produce a vibrant poster that will likely
      be displayed with the 2014 Gay Games in August to encourage positivity and inclusivity among the athletes and audiences.
      Are all great ways to encourage physical activities
      for children. Therefore most hosts should attempt to avoid games which can be
      intense and personal at this form of party giving the guests
      the opportunity to become involved in the atmosphere that is certainly light and fun. This game is pretty challenging but neat as you
      get to look at satellite views of the different geographical regions.

  17. Razwell says:

    Awesome work, Gary. I genuinely look forward to your posts. :)

    I really respect people like Jimmy Moore, yourself, Dr. Michael Eades, Dr. Arya Sharma and Dr.Stephan Guyenet and Urgelt.

    You are all good guys tyring to further knowledge. I am happy to hear about the switch to open mindedness in the conference. The caloric hypothesis needs to be discarded.

    Best Wishes,


  18. Warren Dew says:

    I wonder how much of the acceptance is due to the topic being cancer rather than heart disease or general health. There are no contrary preconceptions about what constitutes a good “cancer diet”, so it’s people are more open to new explanations.

  19. Ana says:

    OH MY….my dream job. I am sure there are more qualified out there, but none more maniacal. :-)
    Off to update my resume!

  20. Maria in NJ says:

    I just loved your book and it has changed the way I think about food…it doesn’t “call” me anymore…my weight is coming down, slowly, but coming down…

    gosh I wish I had some of those qualifications…that would be my dream job, getting the word out and changing the mentality of people to really start getting this obese epidemic under some kind of control.

    Good Job Gary, thank you!

  21. RokShox says:

    “the laws of thermodynamics and how they apply to obesity (or don’t, as I believe) ”

    I’m disappointed by language you use that flouts the applicability of the laws of thermodynamics. You’ve made an excellent case in your books that a positive caloric differential (fat gain) can itself, through hormonal feedback, result in stimulating appetite (+calories in) and decreasing physical exertion (-calories out).

    Yet, at all times the system is subject to the laws of thermodynamics. I think you’re putting up an unnecessary stumbling block to acceptance of your thesis when those inquiring are immediately confronted with language that suggests obesity violates the First Law.

    • Julie says:

      When I studied thermodynamics, it was emphasized that the laws apply to a closed system. A lot of time was spent on defining what was meant by “system”. Unless researchers carefully identify every energy pathway I don’t see how the thermodynamic laws can be accurately applied to the human body. I would love to hear the comments of a physicist who is an expert on how experimentalists isolate the systems they study.

  22. John says:

    Go Doctor Feinman!

  23. John says:

    The ATP is the root of most of our nutrition policy. Kill that group’s fat and cholesterol phobia, the house of cards will fall.

  24. John says:

    “As the months passed, I was waiting to hear from the organizers that they had posted a video of the panel discussion that ended the conference, and now, as of a few days ago, they have.”

    Gary, thank you for writing so poorly. It encourages me greatly. *evil grin*

  25. Gilana says:

    I think you guys should actively court Denise Minger.

  26. Milt Lee says:

    I really appreciate your writings, information and evangelism for the cause of Low Carb, High Fat. I watched the video of the cancer meeting, and was impressed by the number of doctors and researchers who were somewhat grudgingly adopting the gospel of low carbs.

    One thing that I was wondering about was your comment towards the end of the session – suggesting that we need more research on the effect of eating high fat and low carbs. I guess I thought this was settled science. Or are you looking for more evidence to bolster the case for low carbs and high fat.

    I do whatever I can to add enough fat into my diet, and watch the carbs too. It’s very effective, and I can keep my weight at 172 #’s (I’m 6 ft tall and 64 yrs. old)

    Anyway I would like to know more about what you were suggesting.
    Milt Lee

    • KevinNYC says:


      I think this is far, far, far, from settled science and that is the issue. The “alternate hypothesis of obesity” that Gary Taubes proposes is not widely accepted by nutritionists, perhaps for some researchers it’s settled science, but a lot more research needs to be done.


  27. Laurie Koch says:

    Dear Gary,
    So exciting!! Changing peoples’ minds is sooo difficult, expecially when you have myth turned legend, as your mission. My hope is that your research goes beyond 10-40 persons and also that only one thing is researched at a time. As I listened to a panel with you, Dr. Ornish, Dr. Oz as moderator, and a woman from the American Heart Association?? discuss diet, I was frustrated because each of you were dialoguing about different things. While Dr. Ornish did his best to condescend and expound on his own diet research, that included meditation and exercise, I was struck with how small research samplings actually are. And to think that from that tiny sampling a “gold standard” is born.
    My hope is that you, like the “cholesterol lobby” and the “medical establishment” can define a clear sound byte, a compelling message for the less than educated and even those who profess some knowledge, to repeat and live by.

  28. Elizabeth Bauman says:

    Bravo!!! My wish is that your books, articles, and NuSI begin to conquer obesity and ultimately change all the wrongheaded nutrition “wisdom” that has been making so many people ill for too long. Why We Get Fat has already changed my life and I have become a missionary for its message. I am thrilled that you are taking this next huge step and wish you great success!

    Elizabeth Bauman

  29. Suki says:

    I have just read your book “Why we get fat” – handed to me by my trainer as I left for a week’s holiday. All I can say that I drove my husband mad with my continual outbursts of “of course!”.
    I am now 8 days into the the new way of eating – not all plain sailing but so easy to resist sugar cakes etc once I realised what they were doing to me. Biggest problem is reducing or eliminating fruit as I love it and most likely ate it to excess so am eliminating it for now and will try to re-introduce when, hopefully, I have lost some weight. Any chance of you coming to the UK to speak?

  30. Marion says:

    Hi. I never feel like I should comment – particularly on a website such as yours as I am by no means a scientist I just seem to get intrigued by interesting ideas & then it starts to border on obsession! That said I know ‘correlation is not causation’ (I’d heard this even before I’d heard you say it & realised I’m probably guilty of drawing conclusions without basis). So, before I ramble anymore, what I was going to say (I apologise for not being able to write as succinctly & eloquently as you) I have seen two programs on the ABC in Australia recently which got my attention due to the subjects I have somehow become obsessed with & can’t even remember how or why anymore. The first was called ‘Globesity’ on a show called Foreign Correspondent which all I could think of when I watched it was ‘how can they still believe in calories in calories out when there was an almost overnight rise in obesity & related diseases after a western diet was introduced?’ (obviously this thought was due to your research). Then tonight there was a program about Autism research into gut microbial causes on a show called ‘Four Corners’. Basically what I want to ask and am doing s terrible job of (I am blaming the wine) is if you have the time or inclination I am intrigued as to whether you think there is any ‘good science’ contained in either of these shows & also why when things look like they should be so simple do we complicate them?! I apologise for my truly awful, overly lengthy post.

  31. Jerry Suminski MD says:

    Hi Gary,
    Great to see you (and J. Volek) trying to get the ship on course. I’m just back on US soil and seeking a job-too bad that I’m not really the researcher that you need. Did you see the JAMA article from June 27? It was a bit crazy to cross-over so much but the equivalent of an hour of exercise (in terms of calories expended daily) was the advantage of the low-carb diet. Of course G. Bray was in denial…..

    Regards, Jerry

  32. lafrgrl says:

    I imagine the release of a meta-analysis of low carbohydrate diets on cardiovascular risk factors released ahead of publication in Obesity Reviews Aug 2012 was quite satisfying. They should have cited you in their paper!

  33. Philippa says:

    Hi Gary,
    I read your book and think its amazing and it just click with me,
    I am new to the ‘why we get fat’ way of life but your book explained so much to me,
    So first off thank you for writing it and getting your message and research out there to help over weight people ( like me) to lose weight!
    I have been on your eating plan for about a week but I feel like I have put on weight? And I am very disaplined, and haven’t eaten thing but what’s your eating plan list,
    I am deadicated to it and I do drink alot of Coffee (with unsweetened organic soya tho is this bad?)
    Could there be a reason why I feel like I have put on weight? Can this happen? And if so for what reason?
    Thank you so much again for writing the book, I know your so buzy and probably don’t have time to read this let alone reply but I really enjoyed your book I even brought the auto one forum iPod!

  34. echansue says:
  35. It IS very encouraging. It’s going to take some persistence in “educating” these researchers to break them away from the “old science”.

  36. Reini says:

    Hey Gary,

    This is so cool!! Last Christmas, when I read “Good Calories, Bad Calories” I envisioned something like a Greenpeace of the Nitrition Science World. I’m so excited, that you guys are making this vision come true.
    Just a few days ago I came across the conclusion of William Castelli (1992), the director of the Framingham study, where he declared:”…in Framingham, , for example, we found that the people who ate the most cholesterol, ate the most saturated fat, ate the most calories, weighed the least, and were the most physically active.” I was pretty amazed by that Statement.
    Thanx for all your effort!

  37. Judith L says:

    I read Gary’s books back in July and my husband and I have been eating low carb since then. I was concerned about his elevated blood sugar. The doctor was about to put him on meds for it. But after 5 weeks of low carb eating, his blood sugar went down 40 points. The doctor is pleased and isn’t talking meds any more. My husband and I are relieved.
    But I’ve just been reading about the new school lunch standards which involve very restricted calories and very restricted protein. How can that be good for growing bodies?

  38. Luc says:

    Hi Mr Taubes,

    Don’t know if you have the time to read all those comments, but just wanted to add mine. I read your book in November 2011, and just wanted to say,

    130 lbs later, Thanks for saving my life.

  39. Razwell says:

    Most of the people on the Internet criticizing Gary Taubes are scientifically illiterate cranks, some of whom publish in JPandS- a well known political ( not medical) publication. They write rubbish which demonstrates their ignorance and lack of aquaintance with science.

    These people are unfamiliar with science and spread misinformation. Scientific laws could change tomorrow with new evidence, perspectives or realization of past mistakes. Scientific laws can change just as easily as a scientific theories.

    Newton’s three laws of motion are actually WRONG in the very strictest sense. That is why we have Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity. Newton’s laws are not in fact, EVER strictly true. In most cases they are just very good approximations . My point is that there is nothing about a scientific law that makes it more true than a theory. They are completely different animals that serve very different roles. There is no heirarchy whatsoever-none.

    The Internet gurus do not understand any of the above.

    In science , all we can be is “less wrong.” In science, we are supposed to doubt. In science , we don’t know what’s true, we are trying to find out. In science, we start out by saying “everything is possibly wrong, let us see.” Use that approach the next time you have a problem which science is capable of addressing such as obesity.

    I think it is unlikely that the well known Internet critics/cranks out there will take my advice and do this. Why? It’s because they are true believers. You cannot ever convince a believer, because they have a deep need to BELIEVE. They will not admit that this obesity thing is far from figured out. What genuine science has shown us so far about morbid obesity is far more complex than any of those uneducated people will ever admit. Normal weight obesity is a PHENOMENON. It is hardly ever addressed or acknowledged. Fat cells are governed by hormones. We MUST understand the chemical behavior of fat cell receptors ( which we do not understand at all currently) and how fat cell failure happens. Fat cells become very disregulated in morbid obesity.

    “Everything is possibly wrong, let us see.” That is the scientific attitude. My source is Richard P. Feynman himself. Even though medicine and obesity were not his field , MOST doctors could benefit from adopting Feynman’s scientific attitude. Einstein was very similar, approaching a problem with a COMPLETELY NEW look. Both men were revolutionary geniuses and two of the finest minds that ever lived. Both had intellectual humility about how little we know about Nature. Both had imagination and intutition- perhaps the most important qualities somebody can have if they want to become a scientist.

    Lastly, I’d like to point out that our genes HAVE changed. Recent research is strongly suggesting this:

    Our genes DO seem to be changing. The actual evidence shows this.

    Consider this, you NEVER hear an actual GENETICIST say ” our genes don’t change.” No, only idiotic, uneducated personal trainers , cranks and Internet guru blog owners make this false statement. Actual genetics experts know it is not true. The commercial weight loss industry is complete fraud.

    I appreciate Gary’s efforts to try and understand obesity better.

  40. Mark says:

    Something ocured to me the other day when reading various posts a fitness tracking web site.
    Conventional wisdom starts with the view that all human being metabolize food the same way.
    But the truth is we don’t. Foods are complex compounds. So are drugs that are developed to treat illnesses.
    If all human beings metabolized complex compounds exactly the same way, there would be no such thing a side effects that are experienced by a small percentage of those who consume them. It will be everyone or no-one. Drugs would either be lethal to everyone or they would cure everyone.
    Smoking would cause cancer in 30% of smokers. It would be 100%.
    So why do otherwise wicked smaaht people get so dumb and narrow minded when it comes to food?

    It sounds like the conference starting educating s few of the “wicked smaaht” people.

  41. Greg Bart says:

    Congratulations on making progress toward getting real research done.

    The below link includes a discussion of problems with observational studies, and suggests an intriguing way to vastly (and efficiently) improve them:

  42. Randy Brown says:

    I am 18 months Post op RNY and down 200 plus pounds and just watched some of your video’s I would like to discuss with you in detail my experience and why I totally agree with your research . Just consider I follow an atkins diet from the Pre-op to current time and now I understand why I have had so much success even with the fact that my excercise level is considered moderate to low. Would like to disscuss this with you in more detail to get your thoughts on why I thinnk long term i will never grow obese again.


  43. Hercules says:

    A local Prof here is south africa is cuasing quite a stir in South Africa by advocating low carb and hie fat diets. He previously wrotes books and high carb lifestyles and has reversed his opinions publicly in a number of articles. follow the link if you are intersited.,76701.asp

  44. It is perfect time to make some plans for the long run and it’s time to be happy. I’ve learn this publish and if I may
    I desire to counsel you some interesting issues
    or tips. Maybe you could write subsequent articles referring to this article.
    I desire to read even more things about it!

  45. Ken says:

    Have you seen this paper: ?
    It would seem to resurrect the hypotheses of Stout, DeFronzo (from Ch. 11 of your GCBC) that hyperinsulinemia itself (in addition to insulin resistance) is atherogenic with more recent research, and seems to comment on some of the reasons that have caused most to divert from these ideas in the most recent decades.

  46. Jon says:

    Gary and Dr. Richard Bernstein have similar views but I haven’t seen yet any instance in which they interacted. Nonetheless I presume Gary knows all about Dr. Bernstein and his views. Still there may be others here who would be interested in the talk Dr. Bernstein gave to the Nutrition and Metabolism Society a couple years back that I just finished viewing. His story is interesting in itself but he is also unafraid to perform experiments and push the envelope and he explained some of the important hormones he thought were at play. Funny thing is he didn’t really emphasize insulin and didn’t mention leptin from what I can recall and instead talked about amylin and a form of lipase that helps break down fatty acids at the s-2 position in triglycerides among others. These are details I’d seen hinted at in some scientific papers but hadn’t seen thoroughly explained like Dr. Bernstein did in his talk. He even mentioned a study in a diabetes journal from 2000 that seems similar to the one recently conducted by Ebbeling, Ludwig, et al. Most of the scientific parts are in parts 5 to 6 but the early parts about his personal story are good too. He approaches the topic from a diabetes perspective but should be interesting for anyone. Highly recommended. Sorry if this has already been mentioned previously.

  47. agimarc says:

    Gary -

    I am 60 and have been yo-yoing for 50 years. About to give up on everything. Tried your suggested lo-carb diet in March and lost 20# over a couple months. Then plateaued and have held steady. Spent the last 4 months figuring out what foods work for me and what don’t. I can tell by when I go out of ketosis and back in – usually an instant 3-5# weight gain going out and 2 days to take it off after going back into ketosis. We have a history of Type 2 diabetes, odd cancers and Alzheimers in our family, so I am very interested in keeping this working. Why not? Other things haven’t.

    Also find interesting your comments on the use of salt this year and have reintroduced salt back into my diet.

    One question for you: Have you ever looked into the use of borax (boron, boron chelate, boric acid) as a dietary supplement? This seems to be another old remedy (arthritis pain, anti fungal mainly) that has fallen into unpopularity via the actions of government over the last few decades – not unlike the food pyramid. Might be another topic to explore, as from what I have been able to find so far, boron / borax is a way powerful substance in a good way.

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    Now I have broadened my horizons to diabetes and stress “Carb counting”. When I have a conversation with my patients I do include the AADE guidelines but then I will also share my diet preferences. NO margarine. Butter and other healthy fats in moderation.
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