Metabolism, Diet, and Disease Conference update and a job posting

  I promised in my last post — yes, far too long ago — that I would give an update on the Metabolism, Diet and Disease Conference, which was held at the end of May in Washington, DC. As the months passed, I was waiting to hear from the organizers that they had posted a … [Read more]

Metabolism, Diet, and Disease Conference

Well, it’s  Back to the Better-Late-Than-Never… There’s an interesting conference starting Tuesday the 29th in Washington – today –and I should have written about it months ago. It’s the Metabolism, Diet and Disease conference being held at the Georgetown University Conference Center. The editors of BioMed Central, a British open-access science publishing company, are the organizers. … [Read more]

Updates for 2012

  Checking in after a long absence (working too hard, and blogging too little), I have news and updates for 2012. The first order of business is a letter to the editor of the New York Times in response to Tara Parker-Pope’s “The Fat Trap” article that ran on the cover of the January 1st  NYT Magazine. I … [Read more]

The Dose of Intervention and the Land of Dr. Oz

Today marks my appearance on the Dr. Oz Show, which was, let’s just say, an interesting experience and leave it at that.  It was the show, though, that  (finally) prompted me to address an issue I’ve wanted to address for quite some time. The Dr. Oz Show is one part health advice and discussion and … [Read more]