Here are some of Gary’s more popular recent works, with links for more details and purchasing information.


The Case Against Sugar (2016)

Why We Get Fat? (2011)

Good Calories, Bad Calories [released as The Diet Delusion in the U.K.] (2007)


Why do we get fat? (2016)
Los Angeles Times

Diet Advice That Ignores Hunger (2015)
The New York Times

Chewing the Fat With Diet “Journalist” Gary Taubes (2014)
Scientific American

Patricia Sheridan’s Breakfast With…Gary Taubes (2014)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Why Nutrition Is So Confusing (2014)
The New York Times

What Makes You Fat: Too Many Calories, or the Wrong Carbohydrates? (2013)
Scientific American

Big Sugar’s Sweet Little Lies (2012)
Mother Jones

Treat obesity as physiology, not physics (2012)

Why Mike Bloomberg’s ‘Soda Ban’ Could Actually Work (2012)
The Daily Beast

What Really Makes Us Fat (2012)
The New York Times

Debate Revived: Low-Carb or Low-Fat Diet? (2012)

Salt, We Misjudged You (2012)
The New York Times

Unraveling the Obesity-Cancer Connection (2012)

Should I Be Afraid of Low-Calorie Sugar Substitutes? (2011)
The New York Times

Is Sugar Toxic? (2011)
The New York Times Magazine 

Letter to the Editor: Response to Dr. George Bray’s Review of Good Calories, Bad Calories
Obesity Reviews.  2008; 10: 96-98

What’s Cholesterol Got To Do With It? (2008)
The New York Times

Paradoxical Effects of Tightly Controlled Blood Sugar (2008)

Do We Really Know What Makes Us Healthy? (2007)
The New York Times Magazine

The Scientist and the Stairmaster (2007)
New York Magazine

What If It’s All Been A Big Fat Lie? (2004)
The New York Times Magazine 

Insulin Insults May Spur Alzheimer’s Disease (2003)

The Soft Science of Dietary Fat (2001)

The (Political) Science of Salt (1998)

Gary Taubes is a correspondent for Science magazine. (The following link provides the search results for ‘Gary Taubes’ in the online version of Science.)

Featured in

Why Are We So Fat? The Multimillion-Dollar Scientific Quest To Find Out (2014)

Sugar Coated (2015)

That Sugar Film (2014)

Fed Up (2014)

Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat (2014)